Helpful Hints & FAQ's

Searching and Applying for Jobs

How do I find out what jobs are available at the University of Utah?
Visit for links to staff, faculty, student, and University Health Care (Hospital) jobs.
How do I apply for employment at the U?
All currently open jobs can be viewed on our website. For step-by-step instructions see The Application Process. Applicants must apply online for each position. No faxes, emails or in-person resumes are accepted.When first applying for a job you will be prompted to create a username and password. Be sure to record your username and password for future reference. You will need your username and password to log in to your Profile to update your Job Application and to apply for other jobs.

Overview of application process:
External Candidates:
  • Access postings from our Career Portal
  • Click the Jobs for External Applicants link
    1. All posted jobs will display in a list which you can sort by Date, Job Title, Job ID, Department, or Location. (Click on the header to automatically sort the list)
    2. The Search Jobs page provides Keyword, Posting Date and position type search options
  • Click on Job Title to view the posting. We recommend printing or saving a copy of this job posting.
  • Click Apply to this Job
  • If this is your initial application, click Create Account, and you will be prompted to create a User Name and Password
Internal Candidates:
    1. Access postings from our Career Portal
    2. Click the Jobs for Current Employees link
      • All posted jobs will display in a list which you can sort by Date,  Working Title,  Posting Number, and Department,. (Click on the header to automatically sort the list)
      • The Search Jobs page provides Keyword, Posting Date and position type search options
    3. Identify a position for which you want to apply
    4. Click  bold blue job title to view the posting.
    5. Click Apply To This Job.
DO NOT create an account.  Instead, click Login, then use your uNID as your username and your Date of Birth in MMDDYY format as your password.  After you login, you may change your password if desired.
I don't remember how to login to the application system.
Please contact University Human Resources at 801-581-2169 for assistance.

Please contact University Human Resources at 801-581-2169 for assistance. Users with multiple accounts may no longer be able to log in without assistance from HR.
When completing my application, what information will I be asked to provide?
You will be asked to provide information such as your desired work days and shift, minimum pay requirements (optional), email address, work history, educational background, and references. Please gather this information before beginning the application process.
What if I don't have an email address?
Our application system requires that each applicant have an email address. If you do not have an email address you can go to yahoo or hotmail to create a free email account.
Do I need a resume to apply for a job at the U?
No, you do not need to have a resume to apply, unless the specific job posting requires it. If you do not have a resume, it is recommended that you fully complete the online Job Application, including your complete Work History. You may cut-and-paste your resume into the text box in the application form, or submit it as an attachment.
How do I attach a resume, cover letter, or reference letters to my application?
During the online application, you will be asked to "Upload a new resume."  The system also allows you to create documents (e.g. resume or cover letter) in the system.
Since I am attaching a resume do I need to fill out the Employment History section of the application?
It is recommended that you complete all sections of the application form, including Employment History, even when attaching and/or cutting-and-pasting your resume.
What if someone does not have a computer or access to the web?
Computers are available at Division of Workforce Services (DWS) offices located throughout Utah.
Can I apply for more than one job at a time?
Each application must be submitted individually, one at a time. You may have more than one application on the system but they must be for different jobs. You may not apply more than one time to a specific job-posting.
Can I contact the hiring manager directly?
Due to the volume of applications, our system does not provide an option for contacting the hiring manager directly. However, you may track your application by logging into the system and clicking on Your Applications on the left-hand side of the screen. Departments will also notify you either throughout the process or at the end when the job has been filled.
How do I know if the hiring manager received my application?
You will be notified by a confirmation number appearing on your screen seconds after submitting your application. Applications are sent directly to hiring departments upon submission.
Will the hiring manager contact me if the job has been filled?
You will be notified through e-mail when the job has been filled or cancelled.

General Questions

Does the University of Utah conduct background checks and drug tests?
Candidates who accept a conditional offer of employment for benefited staff positions will be subject to a Criminal Background Check. Policy 5-130: Criminal and Other Background Checks. Employment verifications, education verifications, and additional verifications and reference checks may also be conducted.
Pre-employment drug testing is required for Commercial Drivers, patient-sensitive positions in the Health Sciences, and a limited number of other positions. For these positions, a drug test must be completed within 48 hours of a conditional offer of employment. For more information, see Policy 5-114: Drug Testing.> Candidates hired into patient-sensitive positions in the Health Sciences are required to submit complete immunization records when their employment begins. Documentation of the following immunizations is required: Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR),TB Screening, and Tetanus/Diphtheria. Employees should contact the Immunization Clinic at (801) 581-2227 for records of previous immunizations.
May I have a copy of the results of the background check and/or drug screen forwarded to a new employer, new department, or may I have a copy?
Drug screening and background check reports are proprietary to the University of Utah and are highly confidential.  Copies of these reports are not distributed.
I am a Veteran. Does the University of Utah offer Veterans Preference?
Yes, if you desire to claim veteran's preference, you will need to submit a photocopy of an appropriate discharge document (DD-214, Member Copy 4), and Addendum before submitting your application. Please click on this link: The Addendum to The University of Utah Application for Employment (PDF) to review, print and sign the Addendum.

Veteran preference will be granted effective the date BOTH documents are received by Human Resources, and will be applied to the most recent job application and all future applications.

For more information regarding Veterans and the University of Utah, please click here.
I'm working a part time job at the University; can I work another position at the University?
In some cases, you can work more than one job as long as your combined hours do not exceed 40 hours a week. However, if you are enrolled in Work Study or graduate study programs you should check program requirements which may specify a maximum allowable number of hours worked per week.
What is the website address for external applicants?
What is an “External Applicant?”
Someone who is not a current employee of the University of Utah or UUHC
Are there any kinds of settings on my computer that I need to change for optimal performance of the online application system?
Before accessing our system, please make sure:
  • Pop-up blockers are turned OFF
  • Clear cache, cookies and history
What internet browsers work best with this online application system?
Version 7.5.1 of the PeopleAdmin HR Suite has been tested with these browsers:
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7 and 8
  • Mozilla Firefox® version 5 and later
  • Apple Safari® version 4 and later
  • Google Chrome™
Can I use an iPad, iPhone, or other similar device to submit my application?
As of 4-26-12, these tablets and smart phone devices are not supported by the system to submit applications, particularly because of the hover functionality.  They may or may not work well.  Success with Macbooks has also been unpredictable.  
I am a former U employee but I don’t remember my University of Utah ID number.
Please call 801-581-2169 to find your uID number
I am a new external (non-employee) applicant.  What do I do?
Link is;
Click on the type of job you want to apply to (staff, faculty, student, or patient care).
Depending on what option you selected, you may then need to select “jobs for external applicants” or “student jobs.”  When a list of available jobs appears, you will “Create Account” toward the upper left-hand corner.  Be sure to write down your username and password.  Click “Create.”  Find a job to apply to, click “Apply Now,” and sign in using the information you just created.
I am signing on to the new system for the first time and I am a U employee. What do I do?
  • Going in through CIS:
    • Scroll to Employee Resources, then go to JOBS. 
    • Click on University of Utah /School of Medicine and Scroll down to search jobs-all university postings. 
    • Then scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the red title “Search all University Jobs.” 
    • Click on left-hand side “Log In” and enter your uNID and birthdate (January – September only enter 1 digit for birthday. No slashes between MMDDYY). 
    • Click on log in
I need my password reset.  Can you help?
Yes, please call 801-581-2169, Monday – Friday, 7:30 – 5:30
How do applicants see the pay range of a job posting?
For staff jobs, click on the title, and it will be listed in the detail.  Pay is not listed for Faculty postings.   For further details on compensation, click on
There is no place to upload a resume.  How can I do that?
Scroll to the bottom of the job posting to see the “Applicant Documents.”  That will indicate whether or not the hiring department has asked for resumes. If not, then resumes cannot be uploaded.   
How do I search for job information more effectively?
Enter keywords with quotes around them.  i.e.  “Custodian”  It will return a search with only the unique word.
I only know the department that is advertising the job.  Can you find it for me?
You can try to search on the department name.  Or get the department’s Organization ID number, then enter it in the “Search” field.  Or click on the “Dept” column and it will sort from low to high or high to low.  [Easiest way to find the org id is to go to the directory on and type in the department name.  Click on the link and it will open up and give you the org id.]
I can’t see my resume/application after I have uploaded the documents.
All documents upon uploading will be converted to a PDF version which may take a few minutes.  Even if you upload a document already in PDF format, it may take one or two minutes to convert completely.  You may need to navigate to a different part of the application and navigate back or simply exit the whole application and wait for a few minutes.
  • Sometimes it is helpful to convert the document to a PDF before uploading.
  • If you try to upload a document and get an error, it may be due to the way the document is formatted, especially if any security features are in the document.  If you are able to attach other documents, but one is difficult, then this is likely the situation.  We recommend reformatting and trying again.
I don’t have a cover letter and it is required.  What do I do?
In the application, click on “Add a Cover Letter.”  On the “Upload a cover letter” screen, click on “Write a cover letter.”  Type your cover letter in the box under “Content.”  When completed, click on “Submit.”
I withdrew after I applied because I messed up on my application.  Can I reapply?
We do not reinstate an application that has been withdrawn. A warning appears before the button is pushed to withdraw.
What things can be changed after an application is submitted?
We will allow a one-time exemption to applicants to do the following for benefitted/non-benefitted applications.  (This is not for faculty).  Upload new attachments or change general information.  Under no circumstances will applicants be allowed to change answers to supplemental questions or to reapply after withdrawing.
I was told to apply for a specific job but I don’t see it.
Please call 801-581-2169 and have the specific posting number (PRNxxxxxx) ready when calling. You may obtain the posting number from the person who asked you to apply to this position
I am looking for part-time jobs.  How do I do this?
Under “Type” select “Non-benefitted Staff.”
I have applied for 2 positions and received confirmation numbers.  Your online system notified me that something within the application has changed and I should resubmit the application.  What should I do?
  • Log into the system. Click on Your Applications on the left-hand side of the screen. When you view your applications, a footnote will display “Note: There have been changes to this posting or application.  While you are not required to revisit this application and resubmit it, you have the option to do so.”
  • Click on the specific application and you will see a blue link at the top that says “Edit this application.”
  • Click on that link, make your change, save the change, “Certify and Submit.”
My user account is inactive.  What does that mean and what can you do?
It means your account has been locked because you have tried to access the system too many times and the system has deactivated your account.  Please call 801.581.2169 for assistance.
Can departments see applications that are in draft form?
I am getting a message that there is an error on my personal information and yet I don’t see anything wrong.
Possible problems can include:  no country listed for address, phone number entered without dashes, Conviction History question does not have N/A entered, email entered incorrectly.
Every time I try to upload my resume from my computer, I push “submit” and it is erased.  How can I make this work?
  • Ensure there are no apostrophe’s or extraneous markings in the naming of the document.  Also, extension should be .doc or .docx or .pdf
  • Always clear cache, cookies, history and make sure popup blockers are off.
  • We recommend removing special formatting and features in your document, such as pictures, photographs, and watermarks.
  • If possible, try converting the document to PDF before uploading.
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to copy the contents of the document and paste to a completely new document.
  • Make sure there are no other documents already uploaded on the system with the same document name.
  • Use one of the recommended browsers and versions (see above.)
  • Sometimes trying a different computer can help.
What does “In Progress” mean when I check the status of my application?
The department has not made a decision regarding application.
My certificate/license is not listed.  What should I do?
Use the word “Certificate” or “License” and explain as best you can in the box given and add an explanation to your resume and/or cover letter. 
What is the largest size document that can be uploaded?
9 MB = 9215 kb  1 MB = 1024  kb
On the conviction question, do I report an expungement?
If you actually went to the Court and made a payment to have it expunged the there is no need to report.  If no or unsure, you should call the Court before submitting the application.  NOTE:  Dismissed does not mean that it is expunged.
When the University of Utah completes a criminal background check, how far back does the search go on convictions?
You will be asked to provide home addresses for each place you lived during the past 7 years. The search, however, may look further back in time than 7 years, because your entire history at each location is searched, even if you lived at a location longer than 7 years.
Do I need to reveal a Plea in Abeyance?
You do not need to reveal this if it has been completely removed from your record. We recommend that you check with the Court before submitting your application.
Where would I find an adjunct job?
You should contact the department of interest as these would not be posted on our site.
Who can apply for work-study jobs?
Only those who already have a work-study award in place for the coming academic semester.
Can Human Resources provide me with more information about the job besides what is on the job posting?
How do I know if a hiring department is still taking applications for a job posting?
If you can see it on, then the job is still open and receiving applications.
What does archiving an application mean?
It means that you are hiding it from your view as an applicant.  Only completed applications can be archived. Once an application is complete, you can hide it from your view and un-hide if needed.
Can you delete documents from MY DOCUMENTS?
No, those documents must remain on the system to maintain data integrity.  You may type in a description, viewable only to you, to remind yourself of the document contents.