Salary Determination Tool

We are excited to announce that a new compensation structure and grading system will be released by the end of this calendar year!To bridge the current and new structures, we are making a temporary adjustment to Q3 and Q4 of each grade (Q1 and Q2 will remain the same). The salary ranges of Q3 and Q4 will be extended to lessen the frequency of required VP approvals for salaries in Q4 and above the grade.Please note that no additional funds will accompany this change. We encourage the departments to steadily continue with their existing compensation strategies.More information will be released throughout the year about the new compensation structure.

Use this tool to determine the range for a starting salary.

 Grade Minimum
Grade Maximum
  First Quartile Second Quartile Third Quartile Fourth Quartile
  • Meets minimum qualification of job; however is fairly new to job and field, has little or no direct, related prior experience
  • On steep learning curve, building both skills and knowledge as well as ability to handle job responsibilities
  • Performs (or has demonstrated capability to perform based on prior experience) some/most job responsibilities with increasing effectiveness
  • Possesses most/all of the basic knowledge and skills requirements, but may need to build upon them through experience
  • May still be learning some aspects of job or developing expertise to handle them more independently and effectively
  • Consistently exhibits many or most desired competencies to perform job successfully
  • Performs (or has demonstrated capability to perform based on prior experience) all aspects of job effectively and independently
  • Experienced in the job and possesses required knowledge and skills
  • Consistently exhibits desired competencies to perform job successfully
  • Seasoned and proficient professional
  • Expert (or has demonstrated capability to perform as expert based on prior experience) in all job criteria
  • Has broad and deep knowledge of own area as well as related areas
  • Depth and breadth of experience, specialized skills, perspectives add significant value to institution
  • Services as expert resources and/or role model/mentor to others in similar jobs or to other areas at the college
  • Placement in this quartile requires review and prior approval by the Cognizant Vice President and the appropriate Senior Staff member