As originally planned, the UCareer project will launch in October 2023. Based on the information gathered from the pilot programs and considering guidance from the university leadership, we decided to extend the strategic review time period for departments. During this window, departments will formulate their compensation strategies and create career progression structures. At the same time, UHRM will work with campus leaders on identifying and standardizing shared positions, like Accounting, IT, HR, Marketing, Office Administration, and others. Please watch the video below for more details. The new timeline is also available for download here.

We are excited to announce that a new compensation structure and grading system will be released by the end of this calendar year! To bridge the current and new structures, we are making a temporary adjustment to Q3 and Q4 of each grade (Q1 and Q2 will remain the same). The salary ranges of Q3 and Q4 will be extended to lessen the frequency of required VP approvals for salaries in Q4 and above the grade. Please note that no additional funds will accompany this change. We encourage the departments to steadily continue with their existing compensation strategies. More information will be released throughout the year about the new compensation structure.

The Compensation Management Department manages and evaluates pay and classification systems to allow the University to be internally equitable and externally competitive.

Compensation's goal is to establish pay and classification practices that allow the University to attract and retain good employees in support of organizational goals while ensuring compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

The Staff Compensation Program supports the following objectives: