Get Experience

Jobs at the University of Utah are a learning experience for students.  Professional skills that are gained in part-time work contribute to future career success. The professional skills that you gain include:

  • customer service
  • time management
  • prioritization
  • project management
  • communication skills
  • problem solving

Students who work on campus have a variety of opportunities to help prepare for professional work after graduation:

  • Learn the workings of a large organization from the inside. 
  • Discover the roles and functions of a University department and the way it connects to the larger mission of the University.    
  • Develop relationships with faculty and staff who can provide guidance and networking about the student’s chosen field of work.
  • Acquire critical, transferable work skills.

Many jobs on campus also provide the opportunities for staff training and other professional development.  The training and development workshops provided by University Human Resources are also available to student employees at no cost.

The University of Utah is committed to the success of its students, both while at the U, and after graduation.