Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need proof that I work for the University/how to do I get into the event?
    Ucards are required to enter this year’s event. Student employees without an employee UCard should email EAD@utah.edu with their UNID. They will receive a confirmation email, and they should plan on bringing/showing this confirmation along with their student UCard in order to enter.
  2. Who is allowed to attend EAD/can I bring family & friends?
    EAD is an event for University of Utah employees only. Family members, spouses, children, pets (exception: service animals) or any +1’s who are not employees with valid Ucards will not be allowed to enter the stadium.
  3. What are the ADA accommodations for this event?
    Anyone needing an ADA accommodation to get into the stadium can access our ADA elevators located in the lobby area near Gate E to reach the concourse level. Once on the concourse, there are also ADA elevators located near Gate F that can take you down to the field level.
  4. What’s new this year at EAD?
    We will be utilizing the full concourse of the stadium this year, meaning more room for activities, entertainment and exhibitors. New entertainment options including juggling performances, an opportunity to “Putt with the Police” using a comically large golf putt, and a chance to “get your steps in” by walking around the entire length of the stadium concourse.

    We will also be opening two entrance/exit gates to lessen the time waiting in line: Gate D will be open on the west side of the concourse, and Gate J/K will be open on the east side of the concourse. We are planning on having our shuttle drop-off at Gates J/K, and any Trax travelers can get off and enter through Gate D. EAD TIP: If you want to avoid lines to get in this year, we recommend utilizing Gate J/K!
  5. Does anything cost money/do I need to bring money to this event?
    Everything at EAD is free to employees, including food, drinks, desserts and any activities and entertainment opportunities.
  6. Where can I find the flu shot clinic/football kick at EAD?
    With EAD utilizing the full stadium concourse this year, we are hoping to provide a map of this year prior to the event day to give everyone a head’s up as to where various activities will be located. There will also be maps located throughout the venue, and available at the Information Booth. Click here for our EAD venue map!
  7. How can I/my department/my club get involved in EAD?
    On a personal level, volunteering is a great way to get involved! We have volunteer opportunities open to all U of U employees, and even U of U leaders. To volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer sign-up form.

    We also have sponsorship opportunities available to University of Utah Departments, clubs, and outside organizations. This is a great way to showcase what is going on in your area, hand out swag, and meet employees. Check out the “Exhibitors” tab for more info!
  8. What COVID prevention measures are being taken?
    The COVID situation in Utah continues to rapidly evolve, and we plan to adapt with University guidelines the closer we get to the event date. At this time, we will not be encouraging masking or social distancing.